Technology at the service of innovation


Grupo Hedisa has become a leading company capable to provide a wide range of customized solutions thanks to a continuous interest and willingness on scientific and technological research and development.

This long experience based on R&D and innovation has helped us to acquire a deep know how in different areas in Materials Science and Industrial Manufacturing Technologies, and we put at the service of our customers by offering them a horizon of fast and effective solutions.

Pressure and Temperature

The Heat Isostatic Pressure (H.I.P.) is a manufacturing process that involves the simultaneous application of temperature and isostatic pressure that in our case may go up to 2000ºC and 2000 bar.

The main purposes for the use of the H.I.P. technology are:

  • consolidate metallic and ceramic powders to give full density
  • difussion bonding of materials
  • elimination of microporosity by thermo-creep or plastic deformation

Grupo Hedisa has high technology HIP equipments and a wide and long time experience in the development and control of the H.I.P. process. These are points of difference over our competitors and allow us to offer products with the highest quality as well as fast and innovative solutions to our customers.

Design and development of powder metalurgy manufacturing routes

Grupo Hedisa is expert in design and development of powder metallurgy manufacturing routes. The experience and specialization in this area comes from a long and intensive R&D tradition and from the use of the most advance techniques that allow us an excepcional capability of analysis and processing:


  • Analysis and characterization of metal powders.
  • Design of mixtures, granulates and pressing.
  • Sintering of metal powders via:

    • Hot-Press
    • Hot Isostatic Pressing (HIP)
    • Sinter - HIP

R+D+i: Pillar of our permanence and growth

The need of continuous improvement, to solve new challenges and to achieve the satisfaction of our customers has always been the starting point of many R&D projects which led to the release of new products, the launch of important technological innovations and the registration of some patents and utility models.

Grupo Hedisa has a team of highly skilled technicians and advanced equipments to carry out and to ensure a continuous R&D activity.

  • Standard laboratory analysis
  • Analysis and characterization of materials.
    - Metallographic analysis in SEM
    - Qualitative analysis of diamond powder (Electronic and optical microscopy).
  • Advance systems in design, calculation and computer aided manufacture.
  • High precision metrological analysis.

Also, since 2005, Hedisa has stablished the standard UNE 166002:2002 regarding the Quality control in R&D Projects Management with all the systematic patterns that are referente point for all the initiatives taken within the Group.

Historically, all the research and innovation projects are complemented by agreements with universities, R&D Centers and count with the support of Authority Departments such as CDTI, ADE, MICINN, etc.

Capacity, Experience and Flexibility

Capability and experience in metal manufacture are integrated in each Project by our metal Workshop.

The high qualification of our technicians and an exhaustive quality control in each process guarantee the quality and precission of each part, construction or structure.

Our capacity metal processing and surface finishing equipment includes cutting, bending, machining, welding and systems for shot blasting, painting and metallization.

Equipment for metal processing and surface finishing:

  • Radial drilling
  • Automatic saw
  • Bending machine
  • Splitting machine
  • Shot Blasting cabin
  • Painting cabin
  • Plegadora
  • Callibrated tables for assembling
  • Welding equipments
  • Metallizaton equipment

Advanced processes and Engineering of Machining

The efficient aplication of the technology to the existing needs is the foundation of our commitment to our customers, quality and productivity.

To ensure the highest quality in production and to guarantee the best results, we offer our customers a wide range of advanced systems in machining, flexible and efficient:

  • Processing and analysis of the technical requirements from the customer
  • Maximize the efficiency of each operation
  • Time optimization, reducing stops, timeouts or low productivity
  • To ensure optimal and safe working parameters
  • Reduction of rejections
  • To ensure time of delivery
  • To increase the quality of the product and the satisfaction of our customers

Summary of capabilities:

  • 5 Axes CNC Centers
  • 4 Axes CNC Centers
  • 4 Axes CNC Lathe machines
  • 3 Axes CNC Centers for machining of large parts,
  • 3 Axes CNC Milling machines
  • Standard Lathe machines
  • Electroerosion equipment

Design, Calculus, Programming and Production

A strong and multidisciplinary engineering team dedicated to the design, simulation, optimization, innovation, logistics and process management, is the foundation of each of our projects and research initiatives and development of innovative products and processes.

Design Engineering: development of 3D models from conceptual designs.

Engineering of Process: implementation of all the detailed drawings to make the requested assemblies, machining integration by CAD-CAM in all our CNC machines.

Industrialization: Development of the tools needed to optimize the route of manufacture.

Assembly and adjustment of parts and components.

Automation Engineering: integration of electric, pneumatic and hydraulic commercial components with the control of PLCs and CNCs.

Ingeniería de Automatismos: Integración de distintos elementos comerciales eléctricos, neumáticos e hidráulicos mediante el control del PLCs y CNCs.

Certified Quality

A team of skilled technicians combined with the most advanced and certified measuring systems and a full equiped laboratory are the basis to achieve high levels of quality control and to ensure high accuracy requirements.

Summary of equipment:


  • DEA Global Performance 700x1000x700,
  • Láser TRACKER AT-401 (LEICA),
  • Measuring Software Metrolog X4,
  • Software PC-DMIS CAD 2011 MR1,
  • Vertical Column 600,
  • Pattern pieces, Micrometers, thickness meters, durometers, profilometers, roughness meters.

Quality at the service of our customers

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